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Adventures should be big. Adventures should be exhilarating! Adventures should happen to you, not somebody you read about on facebook!

At Sneaky Dog Escapes, you are right in the middle of your own cinematic scale adventure, complete with hollywood scale sets, incredible scenery, improbable challenges and a scale of adventure simply not possible in an old fashioned escape room.

Can you scale a huge pyramid? Can you sail the legendary Argo through an ancient sea cave? Can you steal the code to immortality from an evil corporation? Escape an entity from another dimension? Defuse a nuclear bomb? At sneaky dog escapes, all this and much more is 'everyday', not  'one day'.

Using the latest Virtual Reality systems, we put adventurers directly into their own adventures, we scale heights, we defeat foes, we do the impossible, and we do it better than anyone.

When you're looking for your next adventure, don't get locked in a room, set yourself free in Southampton's newest escape rooms.



You're looking for a new adventure? Want an escape room with a difference? You're looking for Sneaky Dog Escapes!

Sneaky Dog Escape Adventures - An Outstanding Family, Group, Team, Party or Corporate Activity in Southampton



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Our Escape Room Adventures

Are you ready for the next level in Escape Adventures?

At Sneaky Dog Escapes, we’re proud to showcase our selection of the very best Virtual Reality escape adventures available. We call them the next level in escape adventures. Why?


We offer class-leading virtual reality adventures of cinematic scale. We don't do small adventures, we send you on incredible journeys of breathtaking scale.  You want to be entertained, you deserve a better experience, and we deliver that and more!


Your adventure is maximised by careful selection of software and hardware. Motion sickness is all but eliminated through thorough testing and a rigourous selection criteria for all aspects of the system you'll be using. Adventurers expect much more than minimum spec systems, and we deliver. Your comfort is more important than profit.


Ultimately, Virtual Reality should be beyond the possibilities of the physical world, and when you play an adventure at Sneaky Dog Escapes, you're in good hands. We are Southampton's first, and most experienced Virtual Reality adventure provider, and we do it better than anyone.


That's a brave statement to make, but the proof is in the pudding. Our reviews, and our repeat adventurers are a testament to just how amazing the adventures are at Sneaky Dog Escapes.


When it's time to try something different, when you feel life could be bigger, and when you want to be entertained, don't just get locked in a room; set yourself free on an adventure of epic magnitutde with Sneaky Dog Escapes. 

Adventure doesn't come bigger than this. Check our reviews to learn more.

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