Augmented Reality

Taking the Adventure Outdoors

A secret C.I.A experiment, a sinister organisation, a mind control virus and nothing less than a pandemic loss of free will. Will you stop the virus in time?


Accept the challenge and take on the role of W.I.S.E Agents in a quest to defeat the shadowy Spidertech organisation, Work with virtual agent Laura Hunt and save the city from a terrible mind control virus in Operation Mindfall.


Using a mix of augmented reality, physical props and real locations, battle your way through sneaky, tricky puzzles and riddles as you track down the cure and locate the hidden server room. Expose Spidertech, neutralise the virus and shut down the countdown.


Will you win the day, or lose your mind in the attempt...

2 -6 players. Mission Length 120 minutes approx. £60

Ages 8+​ (route length 1.6 miles)

Operation Mindfall

Magic Portal

Where do these portals lead to? This probably isn't the question should be asking, as mythical creatures are escaping from them.

How do you shut them? Now, that's the right question.

Grab you team, and enlist the help of the Goblin Gate Keeper as you rush to shut down the portal and prevent the creatures from "The Realm' wreaking havoc in our world. Everyone is counting on you, so don't let them down...

With your team, an ipad and an actionpack, set off on a magical fantasy adventure, find the clues, solve the problems, shut the portal and save the day.


2 -5 players. Mission Length 120 minutes approx. £60

Ages 8+​ (route length 4 miles)

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