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Corporate Events at Sneaky Dog Escapes

Be Different: Be Sneaky.

Online Escape Room Tournaments

Remote working has many benefits, not just from a Covid point of view, but it does bring some new and interesting staff wellfare and morale challenges. How do you promote a healthy culture of fun and inclusion with a dispersed, possibly isolated, workforce?

What about your customers? The ways in which we interact with our clients is changing, with more and more emphasis placed on video conferencing. Zoom, Teams, Skype etc, are all excellent, but what about the social aspects of hosting events, the networking over coffee, the off topic chat about shared passions? Where does that fit in when it's so difficult, or impossible even, to host a physical event?

Our selection of online escape rooms are the very thing to help enjoy some fun and light hearted escapism with colleagues and clients alike.

Physical Events at Sneaky Dog Escapes

Sneaky Dog Escapes is an ideal, novel venue for you to reach new customers, reward teams and launch products or initiatives.


Set in Woolston, Southampton, transport links and ample parking make getting to Sneaky Dog Escapes a simple process. The whole site has air conditioning, there is a medium sized meeting room on site, and larger halls available in the immediate vicinity, 


We can host up to 30 people at a time on site, playing a selction of games or networking with clients and partners. Whether it's for a lunch and learn session, breakfast briefing, partner recruitment, channel drive or technical briefing, be different and make your event the one they remember this year.

Maybe you want to see your teams in action and observe them working together under pressure, to discover hidden talents or new partnerships that will benefit the business. Perhaps you just think the team have worked hard and deserve rewarding. You could use our venue to watch a new team member in action, as part of the hiring process to see how well the new team memeber integrates with the team or how they perform under pressure and in new situations. or maybe it's time to promote from within, and you want to see how the new role will change the team dynamic?

Whatever your driver, Sneaky Dog Escapes is a location worth your attention.


Be different: be memorable! Host your event at Sneaky Dog Escapes.


Pricing for corporate events varies depending on group size, type and duration of event,  catering requirements, etc but starts as low as £25 per person.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will be delighted to make your event the best it can be.