Operation Mindfall

WIll you save the day or loss your mind in the attempt?

A secret C.I.A experiment, a sinister organisation, a mind control virus and nothing less than a pandemic loss of free will. Will you stop the virus in time?


Accept the challenge and take on the role of W.I.S.E Agents in a quest to defeat the shadowy Spidertech organisation, Work with virtual agent Laura Hunt and save the city from a terrible mind control virus in Operation Mindfall.


Using a mix of augmented reality, physical props and real locations, battle your way through sneaky, tricky puzzles and riddles as you track down the cure and locate the hidden server room. Expose Spidertech, neutralise the virus and shut down the countdown.


Will you win the day, or lose your mind in the attempt...

2 -6 players. Mission Length 120 minutes. £60

Ages 8+​ (route length approximately 1.4 miles)


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the process of superimposing computer generated information or imagery onto the real world using technology, such as an ipad or hololens. It allows us to interact with virtual items in the real world.

How long does the game take?

Operation Mindfall is about 1.4 miles long and the game takes about 2 hours.

Are the routes accessible?

We love to include everyone with our adventures, so we have choosen routes that are asscessible to all. There is a small section of Operation Mindfall that has some steps but you do not need to go into that location, just get near to it to start that clue.

Can children play on their own?

We're pleased to be able to include younger players on our adventures, but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. There are roads to cross, and some of the puzzles may need a bit of adult guidance.

Do you sanitise the mission packs?

Yes, yes and yes! We take your safety very seriously. We thoroughly clean everything in the mission pack after each adventure, including the pack itself, using either Dettol or a strong disinfectant to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

Where do we meet?

Operation Mindfall takes place around the Old Town Area. When you book a mission, a starting point will be emailed to you with your booking confirmation.

What should we wear?

Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. The routes aren't always shaded, so on hot days, we suggest sun block and hats, especially for younger players. Comfortable footwear is recommended.

What about rain?

In the event of poor weather making it impractical to run the missions, we will reschedule your adventure at no fee.