Send somebody special a Post-a-Puzzle, and escape at home

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We've partnered with Post-a-Puzzle, but what exactly is a Post-a-Puzzle?


It's a puzzle, in the post, right?  No!! It's much more than that!!


Post-a-Puzzle is a secret letter that contains a pack of 10 puzzles, a welcome telegram and a greeting card that gets posted directly to your special someone.


They wont  know who it's from, unless you tell them in a fit of honesty, They'll have to solve the puzzles and enter the password into a website to reveal who sent it!


More than that, you can upload a message, picture or video for the lucky recipient! What a great way to send a message to somebody!


Post-a-Puzzle is the perfect way to stay in touch with friends of family, to send a gift or reveal where it is hidden, or even send an invitation to a party, christening, anniversary or wedding!


You could even send them out as a gender reveal! The possibilities are, well, not endless, but there are certainly thousands of reasons to send a Post-a-Puzzle!


And... we're not done yet... each Post-a-Puzzle includes a free greeting card of your choice, and a free plant-a-tree gift! Oh and it comes with free UK postage, too!


Nice huh!?

What? You want more?

Ok then... use the code SNEAKY at checkout and you'll get free confetti!! I know!! FREE CONFETTI!!

So, what's the hold up? Post-a-Puzzle today!

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Plant a tree with Post-a-Puzzle!

Post-a-Puzzle have partnered with Ecologi which fund sustainable tree planting projects in the UK and across the world.

Post-a-Puzzle plant a tree for every single Post-a-Puzzle that lands on a doorstep! How cool is that!?


Post-a-Puzzle is designed with consideration for our environment. Completely free from any plastic lamination, making the entire thing fit for your recycling bins.


Details are included of the Plant-a-Tree donation below your recipient’s message reveal.


There they can link through to the Post-Puzzle profile to see the projects Post-a-Puzzle  (and you) are supporting, how many trees have been planted and how much carbon has been taken out of the atmosphere so far!


Post-a-Puzzle, send a message, and plant a tree!