So you loved your adventure...

That's great! We're delighted you had a fantastic time!

How about a reward for having fun? Yes, that's right! A reward for having fun!

Spread the love to your friends and family, your co-workers, that guy in the pub, the postman, the next person you sit next to on a train...

Each time somebody uses your name* as a referral code when they book on our website, we'll note it down. When you get 5 referrals, you earn a free 2 player VR game at the store or a free Mobile VR rental.

That's it! No loyalty card in your wallet (well, in a drawer somewhere that you can never find again), no hoops to jump through, no minimum spend, no weekend exclusions etc... just share the love and earn your reward.

*Please use the full name you used for your booking, so that we can assign your referral correctly.