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Ubisoft Virtual Reality Escape Adventures

Ubisoft Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are not video games, they are escape room experiences set in the Assassin's Creed Universe. You will experience a larger-than-life adventures as if you were there.

Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, this is the next generation of social virtual reality experience.

Begin your mission in the training zone where you learn to grab and hold objects, teleport and, importantly, hunt for clues.

Next choose your avatar - grab a statue and become your chosen character for an hour.

Spend time accessorising (you can even change the colour of your clothes in Beyond Medusa's Gate) so you look perfect for your adventure. Finally, step into the Animus...ready for your mission.

Escape The Lost Pyramid


An expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. A team of four explorers and a dozen local porters were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka...or more precisely, "something" that should have been there. They were never seen again.


Using the simulation reconstructed from their DNA memory, your team will put themselves in the shoes of the explorers. Find out what happened to the expedition, and more importantly, locate what they were looking for.

2 or 4 players. Mission Length 50-70 minutes approx. £26 per player.

Beyond Medusa's Gate


Find yourself in an age of eloquent philosophers, merciless gods and death-promising oracles.

Somewhere on the Peloponnese peninsula, in a vast Aegean coastal cave, an old artefact has been hidden. It could be the Argo, the legendary ship of the Argonauts...

Using the Animus simulation program, and our database of recorded genetic memories, we will send you back to Greece.

Find the ship, if it exists...

2 or 4 players. Mission Length 50-70 minutes approx. £26 per player.

Why VR Escape Rooms?

At Sneaky Dog Escapes, we are pushing the boundaries of escape room adventures. We love a good escape room, and feel passionate about building the best rooms we can, but at the same time, we have an eye on the future. We have tried and tested some of the best VR escape rooms available and are pleased to have partnered with gaming software giants Ubisoft, and leading VR specialist escape room developer Arvi, to bring you the best fully immersive virtual reality escape room adventures.


Arvi Virtual Reality Escape Adventures

Jump into some of the most exciting and challenging VR Escape Rooms available and discover interactive and adventurous scenarios. Arvi games have something for everyone. If you're into complex puzzles, a fan of cutting-edge technology, or just love escape rooms, Arvi games deliver an exhilarating adventure experience.

House of Fear


Night. An abandoned cabin in the woods. From the looks of it the house has long since been abandoned, but is that really the case?


Foolishly you've entered, and you're certainly not alone. No electricity, no phone, no help.


Will you escape the House of Fear?



2, 3 or 4 players. Mission Length 50-70 minutes approx. £26 per player.



There are dark places in the world you should stay away from; these are the places where all your fears come true.


You’ve received a letter from an old friend requesting help investigating missing people in the surrounding forests.

Be careful, because you will risk not just your lives, but also your souls in an old abandoned monastery - this dark sanctuary hides terrible secrets.


2, 3 or 4 players. Mission Length 50-70 minutes approx. £26 per player.


It’s the beginning of the 22nd century.

Society has collapsed amid rapid technological progress. People are extensively modifying their own bodies.

Corporations war with one another over data; the most valuable commodity on the market.

Your group of cyborgs has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation. You must get to the archives and download the stack memory.

But it won’t be easy.

2, 3 or 4 players. Mission Length 50-70 minutes approx. £26 per player.