An Amazing World of VR Adventure, Delivered to Your Home.  Sneaky Dogs Go Mobile!

Lockdown, tier restrictions & Covid proceedures...

It can all get a bit much. Why not let us bring the adventure to you instead.

Like us, and our kids, you and your kids are probably royally fed up with covid restrictions. And who can blame us? Social distancing, bubbles, not seeing our friends, remote working, maybe home schooling (arrrgghhh) and worried about people we know getting ill. What if a birthday is fast approaching?


It's a huge amount to process. Maybe it's time for a break! 

Let's not be coy, this is an unprecedented situation, and we all need something to lighten to load, and that's where our VR Puppies come in!

"What on earth is a VR Puppy?" We hear you ask. (go on, ask...)


A VR Puppy is one of our FULLY SANITISED VR headsets. Super easy to use, no computer, no external sensors, no wires, no degree from MIT required to set them up, just a great VR gaming system full of fabulous family games to help you all take a well deserved break from covid!  If you can use a smart phone, you can use one (or more) of our VR Puppies!


How does it work? Simple! We deliver a fully charged VR headset, pre-loaded with a great selection of over 30 games. We include a simple user guide so you will be up and running in minutes. Even better, we collect it the next day!


Adopt 1 VR Puppy for £60:00 or 2 for £100:00. Adoption lasts 21 hours.

Discounts available for multiple day hire. Phone 02381 783838 to book.


We will deliver the headset before 11:00 and collect the next day starting at 08:00 (or as near as possible. If we have no follow-on booking, we will probably leave it with you to enjoy for a little bit longer...)

Delivery to PO12, PO13, PO14, PO15, PO16, PO17, SO14, SO15, SO16, SO17, SO18, SO19, SO22, SO23, SO30, SO31, SO32, SO50.

Other postcodes may be subject to a delivery fee. We are trying to be as flexible as possible, so please do contact us to enquire.

*If you (or household member) have/supsect you/they have Covid-19 or symptons, or are still under quarantine following Covid-19, please consider the safety of others and DO NOT book this service. We make every effort to fully sanitise all the equipment but you rent these headsets entirely at your own risk.

What is VR Rental?

We deliver a class leading self contained full VR headset to you, pre-installed with more than 30 great games for all ages, and we collect it after your rental period is complete. You get to play fabulous Virtual Reality games in the comfort of you own home with your family or housemates.

How much room do I need for VR Rental?

Many games can be played seated, but some will need a bit more room. Ideally, an area of 2m x 2m is best, but smaller areas are usable. Just make sure you clear the area of furniture, trip hazards, plant pots, the dog, toddlers, granny, etc...

Do I need a computer?

No. Everything you need is delivered to you. The headset has all the tracking systems built in and runs the games. No external PC or basestations are required, so no cables, no technical degree from MIT, no hassle, just great games and marvelous fun.

Is it complcated to set up and use?

It's really easy! We include a quick start guide. You'll be playing games in minutes! Some games don't tell you what the buttons do, but that is part of the fun, working out what button does what. Go at it, and explore!

Do you sanitise the headsets?

Yes, yes and yes! We take your safety very seriously. We thoroughly clean everything in the kit (even removable batteries) using either Dettol or a strong disinfectant to ensure our VR Puppies are as clean and sanitary as possible.

Do the headsets link for multiplayer games

Unfortunately, no. Most of the games at this point are single player experiences. Multiplayer is a relatively new approach in VR, and a lot of the smaller games studios have not yet incorporated this into their games. It's a lot more diffucult than it seems, and if there are too few players online, it makes for an unrewarding experience. Therefore, we choose games that are focused on the single player experience to bring you the most fun possible.